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About Us

Maire Aarsalu
juhataja, eesti keele õpetaja


Motive Studio is a place where motivated learners and teachers who love their work get together.

Here you can find help when:
- you either temporarily or permanently live in Estonia and you have a desire to learn Estonian in order to cope with everyday situations; or you want to learn the language more deeply – at the intermediate or advanced levels
- you need to have a professional translator to translate your texts from English, German, Russian, French or Swedish into the Estonian language or vice versa

The principles of our work are:
- professionalism, accuracy, reliability
- flexibility in order to meet each learner’s individual needs
- the proverb: “Strike while the iron is still hot.”

We value:
- each person’s inner motivation to learn, whether young or old
- contemporary language learning methods

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research activity licence No 1.1-3/16/252